Mobility bags ensure deployment readiness

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Michael Washburn
  • 355 Fighter Wing Public Affairs
As Airmen, it's everyone's responsibility to be able to deploy at anytime, to anywhere. Making it possible for Airmen to do this is their mobility bag. With a base exercise around the corner, now is the perfect time for everyone to make sure their bags are up to date.

Mobility bags consist of items needed for a deployed environment. This includes uniforms and physical training gear as well as a month-long supply of personal hygiene items like shampoo, shaving equipment and toothpaste.

"We're supposed to be able to deploy at a moment's notice," said Tech. Sgt. Tibetha Pascal, 355th Fighter Wing staff unit deployment manager. "Mobility is truly what our job is in the Air Force. We are America's Air Force. If something happens in the world, we're there to take care of it. Because of this, we should always have our bags on hand at all times."

Once a mobility bag has been put together, it doesn't mean it should never be checked again.

"Airmen should check their bags every time they have a change, like going up in rank," Pascal said. "We don't suggest someone use anything out of their bag, but if they do, it needs to be replaced. They should also check all the personal items once a month to make sure everything is good to go."

For some Airmen, it can sometimes be difficult to not use items from their mobility bags, especially uniforms.

"Four sets of uniforms are required; three in the bag and one on the person," said Tech. Sgt. Christopher Poole, 355th Fighter Wing staff UDM. "Not many Airmen have more than four uniforms to utilize. If they're using the uniforms and other items, they need to make sure they're keeping up with the requirements."

The contents in a mobility bag ensure that an Airman is ready for any environment.

"The bags are very important," Poole said "Airmen never know where they may be deployed. They may get stationed at a bare base where they don't have the opportunity to buy the items they need. If they have what they need already, then they'll be ready no matter where they go."