How FSS spends money

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Timothy Moore
  • 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
When it comes to funding different events at installations, Air Force Force Support Squadrons have different pots of money from which they can draw.

Those funds can be broken down into two categories: appropriated funds and non-appropriated funds.

Appropriated funds, or APF dollars, are taxpayer dollars used to support the mission of the Air Force. On the other hand, non-appropriated funds, or NAF dollars, are self-generated funds through the sale of goods and services to service members and their families.

Though APF and NAF dollars are generated differently, the funds from both pots can be used to finance expenses depending on the event.

Congress grouped former FSS "activities" into the Morale, Welfare & Recreation Fund. These activities were divided into three groups according to the impact they make on the mission.

Category A activities support the war-fighting mission. They are authorized 100 percent of APF support. These include things such as fitness centers, libraries and fund management or overhead support.

Category B activities support the community and military families. They are authorized up to 50 percent of APF support and have the capability to generate NAF support. These include things such as child development centers, youth programs and the D-M Outdoor Pool here.

Category C activities sustain and maintain quality of life. They are authorized minimal APF support, currently only utilities are paid. They have to generate NAF dollars to cover their expenses. These include things like the golf courses, bowling centers, clubs and the FamCamp here.

It is important to note that some FSS category A activities may have a category B or C activity within their facilities, such as snack bars or personal trainers. While the facility may receive full APF support, some of the added benefits may not.

All of the MWR Fund activities deposit daily income into one checking account, which allows those lower income generating activities to still purchase needed equipment or supplies or pay daily expenses. This account also allows these activities to offer free or low cost programs to authorized patrons.

"For example, the recent 4th of July program was paid entirely with NAF dollars generated by 355th FSS activities and events," said Larry Sanders, 355th FSS deputy director.

One of the events that contributed NAF dollars to the 4th of July program was the Desert Boneyard 5K Fun Run, held by the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group April 28.

Due to sequestration and the furlough of employees, APF dollars are currently reduced. This has resulted in the current closure of the base library, over more mission critical assets, and closure of activities that are primarily operated by APF civilian employees.

NAF employees are not directly affected by sequestration, as they are paid with NAF dollars. However, according to Sanders, if APF support to NAF activities is reduced, changes to programs may be necessary in the future.