#InnovateDLT: Innovating the workplace

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  • 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The 355th Fighter Wing commander, U.S. Air Force Col. James Meger, reached out to Airmen of Davis-Monthan AFB to get ideas for innovating the base through a new initiative called Innovate DLT, which gives Airmen a direct line to him and allows them to define a problem or propose an improvement that will impact members of the base.

Seven proposals were presented including one by 2nd Lt. Benjamin Persian, 355th Contracting Squadron contract administrator, for an solution to reduce stress, possible injuries and disorders associated with overused muscles, bad posture and repeated tasks for people that work at a desk with certain health concerns.

"The idea I pitched was getting money for standing desks," said Persian. "The ones we were looking at were adjustable desks, the ones where you can sit at your desk or stand at your desk. I thought, especially in our career field, we're sitting down a lot, you're sitting at your computer; it can get pretty easy to be slumped over and get in that habit of not being [physically] active. Something like this, it allows you to stand up a little bit more and it's just all around good for your health."

The use of standing desks and balancing between standing and sitting during work can be used to alleviate health problems such as lowering metabolic problems, increasing burned calories and strengthening posture. Many schools and work centers utilize standing desks.

"In our career field, we get quite a few cross trainees," Persian said. "Two people I work closely with have back issues and go to the chiropractor, whether it's from maintenance or other on-the-job issues they had, so something like this, where studies have shown that they can be effective, is something I wanted to look into just to help people out."

Persian's vision is to provide the option of standing desks to DLT members that need them in hopes of improving this installation.

"It was great to have an opportunity to get in front of wing leadership and present an idea that you believe will help people in other units, and just trying to get your ideas across in the best way you could with good research, good details and studies; you know that's what they want to see," Persian said.

This article is the third article in a series highlighting #InnovateDLT.