12 A-10s Returned to D-M from Deployment Today

Release Number: 010815

Twelve A-10s and their pilots returned returned to D-M today after a six-month long deployment to Europe supporting Operation Atlantic Resolve.

The aircraft and pilots, from the 354th Fighter Squadron, flew over 1500 missions throughout 21 countries during their deployment to Europe as a Theater Security Package.

Over the past six-months, D-M has experienced the largest deployment in base history. A total of 1,200 Airmen from across D-M have been deployed around the world including the 354th Fighter Squadron, which deployed as a Theater Security Package to Europe. Normally, the base has approximately 500 Airmen deployed at any time throughout the year; for the past six months D-M has had more than double that amount deployed at once.

These deployments highlight the importance of Davis-Monthan and its units to America's national security.

A video of the A-10s arrival can be found in the link below and additional photos are attached.

*Video*: https://youtu.be/KeHWit7wCMo