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  • Celebration and education; Equal Opportunity

    In 1948, Ester Blake became the first enlisted female in the U.S. Air Force, pictures were still black and white, and families gathered around radios for the evening news. Since then, the U.S. Air Force has gone through many changes.The Davis-Monthan Equal Opportunity office specializes in making sure that everyone is treated equally and recognized
  • Two sides to one coin; the heat and the storm

    The sky starts to darken as clouds roll in overhead. Sweltering heat drops to a seemingly bearable temperature. The smell of rain drifts on the desert wind. Finally a blinding flash and sonic boom is released to signal the beginning of a desert storm.Like two sides of a coin, Arizona offers over 100 degree weather, as well as, hurricane like storms
  • Surviving the Heat

    Asphalt hot enough to fry an egg, winds that feel like a million blow-dryers, and sun baking your skin to the color of lobster red, welcome to another summer in Tucson, Arizona.There are a variety of dangers associated with the rise in temperature that should not go overlooked. When the weather warms up, people like to barbecue or go for a hike on
  • Giving life through the Living Donor Program

    As Airmen, it is our responsibility to help each other, as well as our civilian counterparts from day to day. But what if the need was greater than something as simple as a ride to work? What if it was as great as a kidney donation?Located in Sacramento, Calif., The University of California Davis Transplant Center's Living Donor Program provides an
  • Living the American Dream

    On Christmas day in 1991, the Soviet flag flew over the Kremlin in Moscow for the last time. People across the country took what jobs they could find, getting paid a fraction of what they made before as the local currency became nearly worthless. The burden of the country's uncertain direction weighed heavily on the backs of the people.Senior
  • U.S., Czech Republic train in close air support operations

    Four U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft forward deployed to Namest Air Base, Czech Republic, April 8, 2015, as part of a theater security package in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve."The Czech Republic air force invited us to come out here to train with their JTACs for a week," said U.S. Air Force Maj. Ben Rudolphi, 354th
  • D-M Airmen freefall into the blue

    You're standing in an open door of an aircraft soaring 12,000 feet above the ground. You have put your full trust into the person strapped to your back, who you've known for less than two hours, to bring you back down to Earth safe and sound. The count begins. "Out...in...out." The floor of the aircraft is no longer supporting your feet and a
  • D-M Airman helps Tucsonan

    One weather forecaster's self-aid buddy care training quickly resurfaced when she witnessed a car accident outside the gates of Davis-Monthan.Senior Airman Amanda Boone, 355th Operations Support Squadron weather forecaster, was escorting a fellow Airman after undergoing a surgery, when the accident occurred."We were sitting at the intersection of
  • Chinese language connects linguist, local school children

    Linguists from the 55th Electronic Combat Group have found a unique way to stay proficient in their language of practice by helping local school children study.Tech Sgt. Jonathan Roe, 55th ECG Chinese linguist, has been visiting the International School of Tucson to assist first through third-graders study the Chinese language since January. The
  • D-M takes care of its wildlife

    Spring brings with it a surge of young, wild animals that are in the process of acclimating to a new environment, but the season is also a critical time when animals are most susceptible to orphanage or injury. The Tucson Wildlife Center, in Tucson, Ariz., offers 24/7 emergency rooms with volunteer veterinarians and rehabilitation experts to care