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  • How does a firefighter train to stop a fire?

    How does a firefighter train to stop a fire? This isn't a trick question or the beginning of a bad joke. The question is real and the answer is simple: they have to start a fire and practice putting it out. On D-M, the Fire Department uses the D-M Regional Fire and Emergency Services Training Area to ensure that their Airmen are certified and
  • HAWC cooks up food for health and fitness

    Many people probably know the Health and Wellness Center for the physical training leaders class, the bod pod, or classes on how to get more out of PT sessions. However, the HAWC is cooking up some new ways to remain fit to fight.At least once a month, the HAWC holds a healthy cooking class. The classes are designed to help both military members
  • Turn up the volume… for trophies

    After a long hard day of work, Airmen need to take time for themselves. Some have hobbies like biking, hiking or volunteering. For Staff Sgt. Steve Ogden, 923rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, his hobby is entering his Ford F-150 in sound system competitions.Ogden's interest in competition sound systems began at Hurlburt Field Air Force Base, Fla.,
  • Don't get carried away during monsoon season

    A monsoon can be described as a seasonal shift in the prevailing wind direction, that usually brings with it a different kind of weather. From the month of June all the way through September, known as monsoon season in Arizona, the "different kind of weather" is rain, and lots of it.In 2011, more than eight inches of rain fell in Tucson during
  • AFSA adopts a street

    The City of Tucson recognized the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base chapter of the Air Force Sergeants Association on June 22 with a ceremony unveiling a sign dedicated to the group for its work with the Adopt-a-Park and Public Areas Program."As a member of the Air Force, I think supporting your local community is very important," said Tech. Sgt.
  • AMARG hosts game show “The Great Escape”

    Among the miles and miles of war-torn, decommissioned planes resting at the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group are a new group of visitors. They're transporting equipment not often seen at the Boneyard such as trailers, TV monitors, video cameras, walkie-talkies, walkie-talkies and even more walkie-talkies. The California-based film
  • From paralegal to war fighter

    Imagine, as a paralegal, one day you are helping someone with a power of attorney and the next day you are helping protect unarmed colleagues from enemy fire in a war zone. This is how one staff sergeant went above his everyday job to help his fellow service members.Staff Sgt. Dallas Brewer, 12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern) military justice
  • Don’t bring a gun to a knight fight

    In parks across America, people are having picnics, joggers are running their favorite trails, birds are chirping ... and armored knights from the medieval times are fighting each other?It's not a scene from a science fiction movie or a book. For Staff Sgt. Joseph Park, 25th Operational Weather Squadron weather forecaster and flight weather
  • Quality lab results

    The workstation in the 355th Logistics Readiness Squadron Fuels Laboratory can put you in the mind of Frankenstein's lab while he was creating his monster. It may not be as dark and shadowed, but its giant beakers, strange contraptions and air of mystic all point to brilliantly mad science.In reality, the mission of the fuels lab is to provide
  • PCMH making strides toward more efficient medical care at D-M

    The 355th Medical Group is continuing to achieve accessible quality health care through the phone appointment line and TriCare Online, both initiatives of Patient Centered Medical Home. "We are working very hard with the Air Force Medical Operations Agency to get initiatives online to give our patients better accessibility to the medical team,"