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  • Treasures in the Attic

    The Desert Lightning Team has a very valuable, money saving resource available to active-duty Airmen.The Airmans Attic, a little warehouse located behind the Airman and Family Readiness Center, is a place where donated items are offered free of charge to Airmen around the base. Items include clothing, toys, furniture, kitchen and other household
  • 355th AMXS leadership's turn to wash an A-10

    The 355th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron leadership work with their Airmen to wash an A-10C Thunderbolt at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., Jan. 28, 2014.
  • Fostering for Airmen

    People are always in need of help, whether you see the homeless on the corner or a stranger asking for help. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives we only help those people who come to us with their problems. Two Airmen from the 355th Fighter Wing staff have reached out to help those who haven't asked.Tech Sgt. Christopher Poole, 355th
  • Airman finds a hobby in movies

    Movies are very popular in today's society, from date nights to keeping deployed Airmen in touch with American entertainment. Sometimes the downfall about movies is not having enough information. One Airman decided to take that challenge in hopes of benefiting others.Lt. Col. Patrick King, 755th Operations Support Squadron assistant director of
  • DLT members deliver meals to the homebound

    More than 130 Desert Lightning Team members are registered, trained volunteers with Mobile Meals of Tucson, Inc., a volunteer-based, non-profit, community funded organization that delivers special diet meals to homebound adults in the Tucson area. "The meal recipients really like it when military members deliver their meals because they appreciate
  • Processing four-legged deployers

    Receiving orders is only the first step to actually putting boots on the ground.When Airmen get tasked to deploy there are several things that must be squared away to include physical and training records, as well as mental health screening."Mushe will get a full physical from the doc which will include checking his vitals, gums, teeth, eyes, range
  • Beware of GTC abuse

    Airmen are always on the move whether it be for a deployment or a permanent change of station. During their military service, Airmen are given government travel cards to assist with the transition and it's their responsibility to ensure it is being used properly.GTC abuse can be an easy mistake for Airmen that can lead to severe punishments. Misuse
  • Bugeting tips to get back on track

    It's January! The holiday spending splurge is over and here comes the "morning after" hangover. The beginning of the year is a great time to take a minute and think about money. Money is always an issue for most of us. Either we're spending it, saving it, talking about it, fighting over it or worrying about it. Here are some effective money
  • Missed appointments waste money

    With today's fast-paced lifestyle it's easy to forget things. For instance, preparing your service coat for a ceremony you're involved in the next day might cause you to forget to return a movie you rented, or trying to finish up an Evaluation Performance Report before the deadline may cause you to miss a scheduled dental appointment.A late movie
  • Mislead by e-cigs

    Airmen around the base are trying to be healthy for themselves and their environment. One way they are doing this is by switching from standard cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.The Health and Wellness Center is warning smoker's that e-cigs are not proven to be a safe alternative and may even increase nicotine addiction.Unlike tobacco, e-cigs are