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  • Language diversity is critical to the Air Force

    Diversity is a key characteristic of today's Air Force and is what enables Airmen across the world to become well cultured. With Airmen constantly being sent to all stretches of the globe it is now as important as ever that they have the ability to speak multiple languages.Staff Sgt. Ashley House, 755th Operations Support Squadron air crew
  • Fighting against DUIs

    Driving under the influence of alcohol has been a prominent issue in today's society. In Arizona alone, there were more than 27,000 reported arrests for DUIs in 2012.These numbers can be partially attributed to many drivers' beliefs that they can handle their alcohol consumption well enough to safely operate a vehicle, and partially attributed to
  • 355th SFS Airmen provide much needed protection down range

    Security Forces Airmen play a critical role in supporting the mission at D-M and down range. They are responsible for the safety and security of personnel, aircraft, and cargo.Recently a group of 355th Security Forces Squadron Airmen returned from a deployment to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.Most commonly defenders will provide ground security
  • For the love of the game

    "At one point in my life, the act of dribbling a ball meant everything to me," said the 32 year old.James Barnes, mechanic, was born in 1981 in a small town just outside of Oklahoma City. His parents, retired Master Sgt. Mike and Judy Barnes had three kids; two girls and a boy. Growing up in an Air Force family, Barnes's life was harder than the
  • Davis-Monthan 563rd Rescue Group practices rescue tactics

    The 563rd Operations Support Squadron supports all aspects of the training and employment of the 563rd Rescue Group's seven combat-ready HC-130, HH-60, pararescue and maintenance squadrons totaling 1,125 military and civilian personnel. It provides all operational support functions including weapons and tactics, current operations, intelligence,
  • 355th Operations Group photos

    The 355th Operations Group consists of five squadrons and over 300 personnel employing 83 A-10C aircraft and an AN/TPS-75 radar system. It provides war-fighters with forces for close air support, forward air control , combat search and rescue.
  • From artist to engine mechanic

    When some Airmen join the military, people won't know who they are years from now, but once in a while you find someone who leaves something behind.Senior Airman Patrick Corcoran, 755th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron propulsion technician, is a passionate artist who is leaving his mark in the squadron's hanger.Corcoran has always had an interest for
  • Home-cooked meals away from home

    For many young Airmen, their first duty station is the first time they have lived on their own. The base chapel is doing its part to ease the transition.Every Sunday, The LOFT hosts a dinner for the Airmen living in the dorms.The meals are provided by spouses, enlisted members, and off-base groups. The weekly dinner is an opportunity for Airmen to
  • Stem cells cultivate new family

    There comes a time when you have the option to save a life. You might have the chance to pull someone from a burning building, prevent a suicide or just maybe, give part of yourself to a stranger. Tech Sgt. Justin Slater had the chance to do just that.Ten years ago at Travis Air Force Base, Calif., the Airmen held a bone marrow drive to see if
  • Blocks to build on: The physical pillar

    (Editor's Note: "First and foremost, we must continue to care for our Airmen and their families. At Air Combat Command, we've taken a proactive approach to increase Airmen resiliency through a culture of Comprehensive Airman Fitness." Gen. Mike Hostage, ACC commander.)Physical fitness is a staple in the Air Force. Units hold physical training