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  • Benko’s New Year’s fitness challenges set

    The start of every New Year brings New Year's resolutions. Every year a handful of resolutions tend to be reoccurring goals. One of those resolutions is getting in shape. The Benko fitness center here has some workout programs to help individuals achieve their weight loss wishes."We have two weight loss challenges that start on Jan. 1, 2012," said
  • 55th RQS returns from deployment

    Not all deployments that Airmen get tasked with are to far away locations where danger lurks around every corner. Sometimes Airmen get deployed to areas of the world where everyday Americans dream of visiting on their next vacation.The members of the 55th Rescue Squadron recently returned from one such location, a three-month deployment to
  • From medical syringes to running shoes

    Most people have a goal - something they wish to achieve or accomplish. Some have the drive and motivation to see that challenge through. For Staff Sgt. Megan Cotter, 355th Medical Group noncommissioned officer in charge of immunizations, the goal of running the New York City marathon, was realized."My biggest inspiration is my dad," Cotter said.
  • Lighting up for Toys for Tots

    For most people decorating their house for Christmas involves a couple strings of lights and some holiday figures on the lawn. But for 1st Lt. Joshua Palochak, 41st Electronic Combat Squadron electronic warfare officer, the tradition gets kicked up a notch or two.Lieutenant Palochak and his family deck out their house and lawn in approximately
  • Staying safe, fit this holiday season

    It's that time again. Christmas trees with lights and ornaments are on display in houses across the country. Songs of holiday cheer fill the airwaves and Santa's converge on shopping centers, patiently listening to the wishes of little children.The holidays can be a great time for visiting with family and friends, so this season is often synonymous
  • Nobody jams like the 41st ECS

    As an Air Force, it's our mission to fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace. In order to complete that mission, we need to keep planes in the air. Helping achieve that goal by providing electronic attacks on the enemy is the 41st Electronic Combat Squadron."The 41st ECS has been around since 1981 and is the only aircraft in the Air Force
  • EOC exercises response to fuel spill scenario

    Imagine if thousands of gallons of jet fuel spilled on D-M. What kind of environmental repercussions would it pose? Who would clean it up? How do you effectively return to normal operations? These types of questions and concerns may arise if a situation like this were to happen. D-M held a training exercise here Nov. 15-16 specifically tailored to
  • Reminding Airmen of the importance of recycling

    America Recycles Day is Nov. 15 and was established to remind Americans of the importance of recycling. D-M understands this importance and currently has a recycling program at the recycling center here. Still, there are some Airmen who need a friendly reminder on how they can do their part."The whole reason for recycling is to reduce solid waste,
  • AFSA lobbies for Airmen, vets

    Lobbyists. I am going to take a wild guess and assume the first thing that came into most of your minds is of a corrupt businessman attempting to bribe congressmen. However, have you ever really thought about what a lobbyist is? A lobbyist is someone who represents the opinions, well being and interests of a group. Most of us will never be able to
  • CCAF degrees help Airmen succeed in the work force

    Having higher education such as an associates or bachelor's degree can be an important part of succeeding in the work force. By no means is it necessary to land a job, but in today's economy, it's something that will help potential desk jockeys and pencil pushers stand out from the rest of the crowd. For Air Force Airmen, earning their degree can