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  • Chief Dougherty to become Kirtland's new CCC

    For most Airmen, reaching the rank of chief master sergeant is the pinnacle of an enlisted career. But for a select few, special duties can propel their careers to an even higher stature. For one D-M Airman, this next step in his career comes from the same place that he took his first.Chief Master Sgt. John Dougherty, 355th Mission Support Group
  • Behind the Scenes tours: K-9 handling

    When a military member reenlists, one of the options they can exercise is to switch career fields, or cross-train. There are many different fields to choose from in the Air Force, so making a decision may prove difficult. To help members make informed choices, each month the Desert Lightning Team First Six Council hosts a "Behind the Scenes"
  • D-M basketball season to start

    The 2012 Intramural Basketball season is preparing to kick off on D-M.During the season, squadrons get together their best players and those individuals enter the league as a team. Teams enter under their squadron name and each squadron can submit up to two teams depending on their size."My squadron is currently back-to-back champions for both the
  • Volunteers needed for base play

    The Culture of Responsible Choices is in need of volunteers for their upcoming play "The Nerd".Volunteers are needed for their stage crew. Members would be responsible for such things as lighting, sound, and building and designing sets.The production is a comedy set in the late 1970's and involves two Vietnam War veterans. The main character, an
  • Ensuring quality munitions

    When you step into the bay the prep work being done by the 355th Equipment Maintenance Squadron munitions section is reminiscent of the percussion-heavy show 'STOMP'. The clanging of aluminum resounds throughout the shop as Airmen remove canister lids and drag barrels into place. The crew is preparing to fire up the GFU-7, or what they call the
  • The Tour de Dilley: One NCO’s epic cycling adventure

    Every summer, pro bicyclists from around the world descend on Europe for the premier cycling race, the Tour de France. The race is roughly 2,200 miles long, and while that may seem like an insurmountable distance, there's one non-commissioned officer here who did that and more in just 45 days with very little training."I got into [cycling] about
  • Make your voice heard through voting

    Many major decisions concerning today's military, such as retirement changes, are not being made only by branch leadership, but rather with civilian members of Congress. And although military members cannot participate in the arbitrations, they can still influence decisions through the officials they help elect. With the 2012 Presidential Election
  • Softball team goes to "BMT" for the weekend

    The University of Arizona Women's Softball team is no stranger to greatness. The Wildcats played in 22 of the last 23 Women's College World Series, brought home eight national championships and this year's team won more than 70 percent of their season games. In keeping with their tradition of excellence, they teamed up with the world's greatest Air
  • The bond between dog, handler

    Airmen complete the mission every day. Planes are refueled, meals are prepared and computers are fixed. Without the proper tools, these everyday accomplishments would probably not happen. The tools of the trade are usually inanimate objects such as fuel trucks, spatulas and screwdrivers, but for military dog handlers, their tools have life,
  • Mobility bags ensure deployment readiness

    As Airmen, it's everyone's responsibility to be able to deploy at anytime, to anywhere. Making it possible for Airmen to do this is their mobility bag. With a base exercise around the corner, now is the perfect time for everyone to make sure their bags are up to date. Mobility bags consist of items needed for a deployed environment. This includes