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  • Heritage Park loses its B-52D

    The B-52D Stratofortress, tail number 56-659's time of proudly being displayed alongside its aerial comrades at Heritage Park is coming to a close.At the intersection of Arizola St. and Craycroft Rd. is one of D-M's landmarks, Heritage Park. The park was built in the 1980's to provide the base with some recreational areas, as well as increasing its
  • Kyle Dupuis: Pilot for a day

    Most Americans will never get the opportunity to fly a plane. Even for those in the Air Force, only a small percent are pilots. For 14-year-old Kyle Dupuis, his dream of being a pilot has become a reality as he toured D-M here Oct. 21, as a participant in the Pilot for a Day Program. Kyle has a condition called congenital adrenal hyperplasia. This
  • Angel Thunder comes to a close

    After flying more than 800 hours, running about 400 scenarios, and making approximately 200 rescues participants in Angel Thunder 2012 touched down for the last time Thursday Oct. 20, bringing the personnel recovery and rescue exercise to a close.Sixteen different countries spent time and money to be a part of this exercise - seven of them as
  • Real world training in a simulated setting

    Training is an important part of military life. Training can help with job proficiency, physical fitness tests or even firing a weapon. For those in specific career fields, such as D-M's pararescuemen, training can mean the difference between life and death. In order for the PJ's and other special operations teams from around the world to receive
  • Exchanging more than just a pilot

    Exchanges are made between commercial industries in different countries each and every day. Be it consumer goods, services or raw materials, trading is continuous and ever-growing. The U.S. Air Force has taken a page from the book of big business and entered into a pilot exchange program with France.Major Scott Adams is the first combat search and
  • Have a safe and happy Halloween

    It's that time of year again when specters slither from door-to-door collecting candy and spreading shivers throughout the neighborhood. From haunted gymnasiums to scariest costume contests, there will be many opportunities for everyone to join in the ghastly good times. Halloween is a time for trick-or-treating and lots of fiendish fun, but
  • Angel Thunder uses simulated injuries to enhance training

    Behind the Operation Snowbird building on D-M here Oct. 11, University of Arizona cadets are in bad shape. Almost all of them have serious looking bruises covering parts of their bodies. Some have cuts beneath their clothes resulting in torn uniforms and blood soaked shirts. The cadets look like extras for a new George Romero zombie movie. But
  • Chiefs dish up fellowship and food at the Loft

    Every Sunday the Loft hosts a dinner for Airmen living in the dorms. Once a month they allow a base organization to take over a Sunday meal. The Chiefs Group, along with some of their spouses, treated the Airmen to a night of Italian cuisine Oct. 2.The Loft is an Airmen community center located within the dormitories on the top floor of building
  • Airmen read to kids at the CDC

    Pint-sized eyes of the children in the room are fixed upon the Airman as he sits in a chair that looks like it was built for someone three feet tall. He introduces himself and picks up a book to read to them. They become visibly more excited when they realize the book is 'Dora the Explorer'. Their little hands point at the book as they eagerly let
  • Thorough inspections for a 'fraction of a second'

    A pilot ejecting from an aircraft involves a lot more than just a chair and a parachute. They have a great deal of equipment that ensures their safety on their way to the ground. And all of the equipment a pilot depends on after an emergency ejection is quality controlled through the 355th Operations Support Squadrons aircrew flight equipment